Seeking Animation, Computer Game Instructional Materials

What are the best learning opportunities for a boy interested in creating his own animations and computer games?

I’m seeking book recommendations, other resources for my 12-year-old son, who has been asking me questions about how computer games are made. He’s done some experiments with animation, more or less completely on his own, using tools not particularly suited to the task such as the movie editing program included with Windows. He also got interested in playing around with the JavaScript tutorials at Khan Academy, which show how to manipulate shapes and colors with code.

I have some rusty skills with Flash and I’ve tried to interest him in learning that before. I’m pretty good with PHP and can hack a little JavaScript, but I find it’s easy to throw too much at him at once, to the point where he gets discouraged. It would be helpful to find some tutorials aimed at kids. Since he’s not a big reader, I’d particularly like to find a book or two that he would be motivated to read because this is something he wants to learn.

Suggestions appreciated!

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