Straight-A Twins, Thanks to Broward Virtual School (and Mom)

Stephen and Theresa both finished the semester with straight A’s. Theresa actually finished all of fourth grade math and is steaming ahead into next year’s studies. Stephen is not far behind – despite the fact that he was really lagging and often not doing his work last year.

This is the magic of highly individualized education. Complaining that the charter school we were in last year didn’t provide this level of attention kind of misses the point, since no teacher in a public institution would be likely to be able to provide that much attention to any one student. But our kids never have to worry about being left behind because they can always go back and do the work over until they understand it, and get it right. Believe it or not, they like it that way. On the other hand, they will never be held back from learning more when they understand the basics quickly and are ready to move ahead.

As I said, it’s a beautiful thing.

Some of the credit, of course, goes to their Mom (the learning coach) and everyone at Broward Virtual School.

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