Our new school is our home & the world at large

My twin 4th graders and I are leaping head first into schooling AT HOME registered with a VIRTUAL PUBLIC SCHOOL. What this means is that we are supposed to receive many advantages offered to students in brick-and-mortar schools AND home-schooled students.

Similar to homeschooling:

  • Work wherever you want — provided you can access the internet.
  • Work whenever you want — those night owl and early bird kids will be happier.
  • Go at your own pace.
  • Develop full mastery of a subject before moving on to the next lesson.
  • Parent is a “learning coach” responsible for teaching lessons and proctoring assessments, and so on.
  • Can fit in great extras like weekly piano lessons — when other students cannot go.

Similar to public school:

  • Have a standardized, state-approved curriculum.
  • Have a teacher that assists with teaching and provides their grades.
  • Have regularly scheduled tests to show whether they are progressing adequately in their studies.
  • It is provided free-of-charge by the state and county we live in. This includes all books and many, many materials.

We are looking forward to this experience! Love to have you join us in our journey. Let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Our new school is our home & the world at large

  1. Virginia says:

    good luck to you BethAnne!! While the quality of the twin’s education will undoubtably be higher how are other aspects of education addressed like – organized sports, choir, science fairs, cheerleading, school dances etc. I see the ads for online education but the socialization sticks out to me as a drawback. Funny that I’ve actually thought about this subject considering I’ve got no children to deal with.

    • bethanne says:

      Actually, Stephen & Theresa participate in religious education and volunteer at our church (choir, altar serving), are in Scouts, swim with Swim America (year round, hopefully on a swim team). We plan to add lacrosse, too in the winter. Just TRY to stop their socialization! In our school district, children are allowed to participate in the extracurricular activities at their local school — clubs, sports, band, etc. Cool, huh? They are not old enough to have a lot of those, yet (because they are in 4th grade).

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